Premium Complete and Partial Dentures


Somer uses the Ivoclar Vivadent® SR IvoBase Injection System.  This process allows the controlled pressure-heat polymerization; the exact amount of material flows to counteract the shrinkage of the acrylic. The SR IvoBase injection procedure allows us to make precise and high-quality appliances which offer high strength, low shrinkage, and a perfect fit! When used with premium Portrait® IPN® Premium Denture Teeth, Somer can achieve the best removable product for you and your patient.

Economy Dentures

To help the patients that can’t afford a premium denture, Somer Dental can provide an economy denture using a traditional heat cured process with standard denture teeth.

Cast Partial Frameworks


Our frameworks have superior physical properties and generally occupy less space in the mouth than acrylic dentures. They are stronger, have a greater resistance to fatigue and are less likely to break under normal conditions. Unlike plastic partial dentures, these are clipped to the natural teeth with clasps and incorporate rests on the teeth. The clasps hold the denture firm and the rests stop any damaging from the up and down movement. In certain designs we are able to have an open palate allowing taste and hot and cold detection to be improved.

Flexible Partials


Both Valplast® and TCS® Flexible partial dentures are made out of a biocompatible, pure thermoplastic material that is non-toxic and contains no BPA or unsightly metal clasps. Both are ideal for the patient who values comfort and aesthetics. Patients approve because it requires no tooth or tissue preparation.

The patented monomer free hypo-allergenic nylon based material is tissue colored (in a variety of shades) and thus invisible in the mouth.

Splints / Night Guards


Somer offers three  different splints or night guards.  From protecting patients natural dentition to making sure their new restorations last a life time, there is one for every need.

Hard Acrylic Bruxism Splints are ideal for opening bites and when teeth and porcelain restorations need to be protected from excessive grinding forces.

Remedeze® is a hard/soft splint. Anything touching soft tissue is fabricated from Bruxeze material and is very comfortable. The occlusal surface on Remedeze is hardened for a more severe bruxer.

Bruxeze® soft night guards protect porcelain and excessive tooth wear. At body temperature, the appliance is slightly pliant, slightly giving, and very comfortable.

Insertion Instructions:

Prior to placing this important appliance in the mouth, run it under hot water for a few minutes to prevent cracks or breakage.   (Cold appliances will break if bent or forced into the mouth or on the model).


Cleaning And Maintenance:

It is important that you keep your appliance clean to maintain its longevity.  On removal, rinse and brush with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste.  You can also soak the appliance in a commercial denture cleaner, but not more than 20 minutes once a week.  Store your appliance DRY in the container provided (especially if you have a dog; they find these wonderful to chew on.)


Important Notes:

Always have your patient bring their appliance to any dental appointment.  (A new appliance is sometimes “cloudy”, but it will become clear in 3-5 days).


Custom Trays


Every mouth is different and custom trays offer an affordable way to insure that the best impression is taken.  When restoring any patient it all starts with a “good first impression”. From capturing borders, Palatal areas, and retromolar pads to open and closed tray impression coping for accurate implant restorations.

Repairs and Relines


With either advance notice or no notice at all, Somer can handle all of your repair and reline needs.

Hint: When sending dentures in for a reline, make sure all landmarks are captured in the impression to ensure a better fit.



Attachment-retained overdentures and partials are functionally superior to conventional removable prostheses and are effective and cost-saving alternatives to fixed implant dental prostheses.  Over the years there have been many types.  Precision attachments that are very precise, and are milled out of alloy and semi-precision attachments are much less precise in their fit and usually have much more resiliency.  Send your study models to Somer to determine the best type for your specific case.


 Below are the more popular options.